Our name says it all. At L&F, we do what we do out of our love of languages, cultures, and a passion for travel. Our lives have been enriched by friendships formed through travel and living abroad, as well as by foreign students we have hosted. Language & Friendship, Inc., was created in 1988 to offer maximum personalized service, custom-designed travel, and family-stay programs for language teachers and their students.

L&F is very proud of its Pro Lingua Award granted by the Minnesota Language Teachers' Association. The award recognizes outstanding service to and support of linguistic and cultural education by a person or organization from outside the language teaching profession in Minnesota. L&F is also an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau.

Our Mission
The mission of Language & Friendship is to provide meaningful intercultural opportunities through short-term travel and family-stay programs abroad as well as through hosting opportunities in the United States. Emphasis is on the creation of quality programs with a strong commitment to intercultural and language-oriented education.
Did you know…
  • All L&F Program Coordinators are former language teachers.
  • All fees collected for late payments and missing materials are added to the Naomi Thomsen Scholarship Fund!
  • L&F Coordinators regularly travel to our destination countries to personally meet with our family-stay coordinators and land operators, and to visit hotels that we use for our groups.
What are people saying about their L&F experience?

My daughter’s host family is absolutely perfect and I am getting tearful thinking how grateful I am that she was matched with such a good family!

 Kansas City, MO

What surprised our family most about hosting was how normal it felt to have another child in the home, the routine was nearly the same as it would be with our two children; it was very simple.

Host Family
-Host Family,
 Green Bay, WI

We will never be the same; she is truly PART of our family, our French daughter/sister...we fell in love with her and she with us - it was the most rewarding thing ever!

Host Family
-Host Family,
 Appleton, WI
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